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Partners & Allies

Undocu Pride at UC Merced

A safe space for undocumented students, the LGBTQIA+ community, and allies at UC Merced! 

MIssion statement: "We are a chapter of the largest youth-led non-profit organization in the country. Our mission is to support, advocate for, and empower undocumented/immigrant and queer students on our campus. Our objective is to create a foundation essential to strengthen our undoc community as well as to educate, inform, and provide resources. We hold safe spaces for undoc students to build community as well as provide opportunities to further develop professionally and personally. We strive to empower undoc youth to be at the forefront of undoc/immigrants rights organizing and be part of the overall immigrant rights movement! Some initiatives that we have implemented are workshops dedicated to different topics such as social justice, organizing, immigrants rights,lgbtqia+ rights, and self care. It is important for us to create these safe spaces and during each workshop we also include an art activity as a way to center creativity and expression within social justice. Another initiative that we are avidly a part of is the Opportunity4All Campaign, which is an initiative to push for the UC to remove work/hiring restrictions for undocumented students."


UC Merced Department Partners

At Services for Undocumented Students, we believe campus collaborations are essential for students' holistic success. Joint partnerships have led to easing the transition from high school to college, building community at UC Merced, and supporting students in their post-graduate plans. The following are UC Merced partners of Services for Undocumented Students. 

Thank you for all your support! 

Merced Community