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Meet Yuriana

June 15, 2017
UC Senator Kamala Harris with Yuriana, Ph.D. and DACA recipient 

Senator Kamala Harris upon hearing a Trump Administration official that he had never met a DACA recipient was very disappointed, and even more disappointed when he didn’t accept her offer to introduce him to a DACA recipient. Her post introduces Yuriana — a biomedical researcher, a Ph.D. holder from University of California, Merced & DACA recipient. This year, Yuriana came as senator Harrison's guest to President Trump’s joint address to Congress.

Yuriana's story: 

     "For me, there are certainly fears. I fear that I’ll be in the flea market one day they will be rounding people up for deportations. I fear that no one is going to care that I have a Ph.D. or that I have lived in the United States for as long as I can remember. I was born in Apatzingan, Mexico, but Fresno is my home. My parents and I moved there before I started kindergarten. None of us had immigration papers. When I was growing up, my parents always told me that ‘no one can take away your education. The government may not give you papers, but they can’t take away your learning...."

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