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UndocuPeer Training

Overview of UndocuPeer Training


UndocuPeer is a comprehensive student training program established by Services for Undocumented Students and with the collaboration of UC Merced undocumented students. The purpose of the training program is to strengthen the knowledge of UC Merced student staff, student organizations, and student leaders about the undocumented community by providing them with the skills and necessary information to serve as an ally for the undocumented community. Participation in this training program provides student allies with the necessary skills to support undocumented students by:  

  • Learning about the challenges undocumented students face.   

  • Learn and understand policies that provide support to undocumented students. 

  • Becoming aware of resources available at UC Merced for undocumented students.

  • Developing confidence to share resources and knowledge to peers.

Request a Training

This 2-hour training will allow you to develop the confidence to share resources and knowledge with one's peers to ensure support, as an ally, towards the undocumented community. If your department and/or RCO would like our student coordinators to provide and present our UndocuPeer Training for your student staff, members, or officers please click here to complete the webform. Please submit the form 2 weeks in advance of when you would like the training to take place.

For any questions or more information, you may contact us at