UndocuAlly Training


The UndocuAlly Training will provide recommendations for UC Merced staff and faculty members to practice allyship through knowledge, awareness, reflection, and action. Training is designed in collaboration with local, state, and national advocacy groups. A committee of campus partners oversees the development and implementation of UndocuAlly training.


  • Understand state and federal education and immigration policies that impact college access and employment for undocumented students
  • Refer undocumented students to appropriate online resources for legal and financial support
  • Interpret how programs and policies affect undocumented students
  • Learn where and how to access local, state, and national resources
  • Share information learned with campus and community partners
  • Apply information learned to your role on campus and as an ally

Register for Summer 2018 UndocuAlly Training by clicking here.

UndocuAlly Training Committee

Name Title Department E-mail
Ariana Mora Mero Program Coordinator - Services for Undocumented Students Bright Success Center


Alejandro Delgadillo Associate Director; Educational Equity & Access Bright Success Center adelgadillo@ucmerced.edu
Eric Cannon Graduate Student Support Manager Graduate Division ecannon2@ucmerced.edu
Jason Juarez Coordinator; Peer Mentoring & New Student Transtions Bright Success Center jjuarez2@ucmerced.edu
Myra Fernandez Social Sciences, Humanities & Arts Career Specialist Center for Career & Professional Advancement mfernandez29@ucmerced.edu