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Fun Things in Merced

Fun Things to Do in Merced

Bike Paths
The City of Merced has one of the finest city bikeway systems in the nation and has recently added a number of new lanes and routes to this extensive system.

Downtown Merced Main Street
Downtown Merced is the epicenter of arts, culture and entertainment in Merced County. Our downtown features unrivaled live entertainment, unique recurring community events and diverse culinary opportunities.

Lake Yosemite
Lake Yosemite is a man-made reservoir owned by Merced Irrigation District and is operated by the County of Merced. Located just a few steps behind the UC Merced Campus, the lake offers a variety of sailing and boating, and other recreational opportunities. Lake facilities are available to reserve for events.

Merced Flea Market
Merchandise at the market include a large farmers market that accepts EBT, new and used merchandise and food.
900 G Street, Merced

Nickel Arcade (OH WOW!)
One of the last remaining places on earth where a nickel still buys something!
100 W. Olive Ave, Merced

UC Merced Classifieds
Campus student-facilitated Facebook page with information on textbooks, school supplies, off-campus housing, ride board and more.

Joseph Edward Gallo Recreation and Wellness Center
The Joseph Edward Gallo Recreation Center is also the home to all of the campus recreation programs such as intramural sportsOutdoor Experience Program and sport clubs. You can also visit the Wilderness Center in the recreation office suite for information about the outdoors, national parks and outdoor equipment rentals. 

Visitor’s Guide to Merced
The City of Merced offers a wide variety of attractions, historical sites, accommodations and dining opportunities that are sure to please.