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Banking in Merced

Many banks and credit unions open accounts for people without a social security number. No laws prohibit banks from serving people who do not have a social security number. Under the USA PATRIOT Act, banks must ask you for your name, birth date, street address and an identification number.

If you are not a U.S. citizen, this number may be a social security number, an individual taxpayer Identification number (ITIN) from the IRS, or the number from a U.S., state, or foreign government-issued Identification (e.g., passport, state ID, or matricular consular ID).

Most credit unions offer savings and checking accounts, loans, credit cards and other services. Unlike banks, credit unions are not-for-profit and are cooperatively owned by their members. They tend to charge low fees and interest rates. Like banks, credit unions are government regulates and insures accounts.

To open a bank account you will need to:

  • U.S., state, or foreign government-issued Identification.
  • A minimum deposit that may range from $25 dollars to $150. Check with the bank for certainty.

NOTE: Some banks have stricter rules than the law requires, but others have more flexible policies and accept a range of documents.

Local banks in Merced:

  • Bank of America
    710 W. Main Street, Merced
  • Bank of America
    1124 W. Olive Avenue, Merced
  • Chase
    3550 G Street, Merced (inside Raley's Market)
  • Chase
    300 Merced Mall, Merced
  • Educational Employee Credit Union (two ATMs on campus)
    127 W El Portal Drive, Merced
  • Educational Employee Credit Union
    2740 M Street, Merced
  • Wells Fargo
    555 W. 18th Street, Merced
  • Wells Fargo
    3538 G Street, Merced